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SAE J 1800-2013 (SAE J1800-2013)

Method for Evaluating the Paintable Characteristics of Automotive Sealers (Stabilized: Jul 2013)

This SAE Recommended Practice sets forth a method for testing and evaluating the paintable characteristics of automotive sealers. this document contains three samples preparation procedures: Method 1 - topcoat over cured primer and cured sealer; Method 2 - topcoat over cured sealer; and Method 3 - topcoat over uncured sealer. This SAE test specification is to be used as a method for evaluating the performance of automotive primers and/or topcoats when applied over "cured" or "uncured" sealers. This specification includes a list of the needed test equipment, application and baking parameters, and a glossary of terms describing undesirable characteristics that should be noted by the tester. This specification covers the performance and quality of an automotive topcoat when applied over a sealer, along with the integrity of bond between the paint and sealer. It does not cover sealer performance characteristics, such as sealer to substrate bonding, nor does it include a procedure governing the actual spraying of the topcoat.

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