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SAE AS 3071B-2000 (SAE AS3071B-2000)

Acceptance Criteria - Magnetic Particle, Fluorescent Penetrant, and Contrast Dye Penetrant Inspection ( Reaffirmed: Jul 2004 )

To establish the acceptance criteria for discontinuities as revealed by magnetic particle or liquid penetrant examination of aircraft utility parts as in 1.2. Primarily for use on aerospace propulsion system parts, such as pins, couplings, and fluid fittings. These criteria may be applied to any applicable item, except that the requirements of AS1177 shall apply to bolts, screws and studs, and AS5447 shall apply to nuts, both free-running and self-locking nuts. Discontinuities revealed by non-destructive test methods other than those in 1.1 shall have the acceptance criteria specified on the part standard or drawing.

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