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SAE AMS 2304B-2010 (SAE AMS2304B-2010)

Steel Cleanliness, Special Aircraft-Quality Magnetic Particle Inspection Procedure

This specification covers steel cleanliness requirements in inch/pound units for special aircraft-quality ferromagnetic steels, including hardenable corrosion resistant steels, by magnetic particle inspection methods. This specification contains sampling, sample preparation, inspection procedures and cleanliness rating criteria. The metric version, MAM 2304, has been cancelled. This procedure has been used typically for the cleanliness evaluation of blooms, billets, tube rounds, stock for forging or flash welded rings, slabs, bars, sheet, plate, tubing, and extrusions used in fabricating highly stressed parts where very strict magnetic particle inspection standards are used in final inspection of such parts, but may be used for qualification of a heat, melt or lot of steel.

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