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SIA DC-04-2000.05

Digital Communications Standard - SIA 2000 Protocol for Alarm System Communications

This is a standard that specifies a communication protocol that will support current and future needs over a diverse range of control and receiver types. Specifically the intent is to define a flexible, universal, extensible reporting message format that can be used across a wide variety of physical media and transfer protocols. This SIA 2000 protocol structures the communication between a control and a central station receiver. The basic form of this communication conveys information such as alarms, alarm cancels, troubles, and restorals. This involves transferring information records from the control to the central station, and receiving acknowledgments from the receiver for each record. To support features such as remote panel programming and alarm verification through audio or video means, the protocol has provisions to extend the communication session. Once extended, the receiver can query the control for information or change the control's configuration. The extended session can also be used for verification.

Security Industry Association [sia]

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