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TAPPI T 213 om-15

Dirt in pulp - chart method

  1. This method (1,2) is adapted to the numerical estimation of dirt in pulp and recycled pulp in terms of equivalent black area.
  2. The results will differ from those obtained by TAPPI T 246 "Foreign Particulate Matter in Pulp by Transmitted Light (w/d)" in that it is the contrasting color of foreign matter rather than its opaqueness that affects the result.
  3. An automated procedure for dirt count can be found in TAPPI T 563 "Equivalent Black Area (EBA) and Count of Visible Dirt in Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard by Image Analysis." Both this procedure and T 563 are based on Equivalent Black Area (EBA) measurement.

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Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry [tappi]

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