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ANSI A326.3-2021

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) of Hard Surface Flooring Materials

The American National Standard A326.3 describes the test method for measuring dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) of hard surface flooring materials in the laboratory and in the field. The standard also includes DCOF specifications, product use classifications, and guidance on specifying hard surface flooring materials. This standard is intended to serve as a guide to the general public, manufacturers, distributors, specifiers, architects, contractors, testing laboratories, building owners, and other businesses and professionals.  An electronic copy of the standard is available for free. To download a copy, click the link below.  Whether you’re manufacturing, specifying, selling, installing, or maintaining hard surface flooring material, it’s important to know its DCOF. Need help? Our lab runs the A326.3 test. Send us your product today or call regarding in-situ testing.

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