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Metallic and Nonmetallic Safety Cans for Flammable and Combustible Liquids

1.1 This standard sets forth minimum requirements for metallic and nonmetallic safety cans:  a) With a maximum capacity of 5.3 US gallons (20 L);  b) With a minimum capacity of 8 US fl oz (236 mL);  c) That are intended to store and handle flammable and combustible liquids;  d) That are intended for commercial and industrial applications; and  e) That are equipped with self-closing lids or valves, with flame arrester(s) in each opening or equivalent safety performance provided by flame mitigation device(s) [FMD(s)], and pressure relief devices.  1.2 These safety cans are intended for use in accordance with the following:  a) Fire Code, NFPA 1;  b) The National Fire Code of Canada, Part 4;  c) The Code for Flammable and Combustible Liquids, NFPA 30;  d) The International Fire Code (IFC);  e) OSHA CFR 29 1910.106, 1926,152, USCG CFR 46 147.45 and MSHA CFR 30 Part 56 and 57;  f) The requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.  1.3 These requirements cover the two types of safety cans, designated herein as either Type I or Type II as follows:  a) Type I safety cans are those equipped with an opening (or port) which may be adapted to both pouring and filling; or  b) Type II safety cans are those equipped with two separate openings (or ports) one for pouring and the other for filling.  1.4 This standard is not applicable to Portable Fuel Containers for consumer use that are certified to ASTM F852 or CSA B376.  1.5 These requirements are not applicable to single use or disposable containers, included those covered by ASTM F2874.

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