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UL 3100 Ed.1-2021

Automated Mobile Platforms (AMPs)

1 Scope 1.1 These requirements cover battery-operated mobile platforms with or without a payload, as specified in 2. These devices are intended to be used indoors only or as outdoor use devices in a commercial or industrial environment. The device is battery powered using either lead acid batteries or lithium based batteries that, if rechargeable, are charged through a conductive system while either on board or off board the device.  1.2 Mobile platforms that are covered by this Standard are intended for lifting, carrying, product picking, towing, and the like. These actions may be provided by a gripping attachment, suction attachment, scope attachment, and the like, to lift or carry the load.  1.3 Portions of a system, such as the charger, that are located off board the AMP, are intended to be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC), NFPA 70 and the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code), CSA C22.1.  1.4 This Standard does not include requirements for industrial robots, which are covered under the Standard for Robots and Robotic Equipment, UL 1740 and Industrial Robots and Robot Systems, CSA Z434. A robotic manipulator that is in compliance with these standards may be used as the payload for the integrated system.  1.5 This Standard does not include requirements for Automatic Guided Vehicles or Automated Vehicles that function as commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment. This equipment is covered under the standard for Particular Requirements for Rechargeable Battery-Operated Commercial Robotic Floor Treatment Machines with Traction Drives, CSA C22.2 No. 336.  1.6 This Standard does not cover battery powered industrial trucks that are rated Type E, EE, ES, or EX, and marked as such, as defined in the Fire Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks Including Type Designations, Areas of Use, Conversions, Maintenance, and Operations, NFPA 505. These truck types are covered under the Standard for Electric-Battery-Powered Industrial Trucks, UL 583 and the Guide for the Investigation of Electric-Battery-Powered Industrial Trucks, ULC/ORD-C583.  1.7 Automated mobile platforms are not provided with “forks” and are not intended to operate as “forklifts.” Any device with that capability is considered an industrial truck and is evaluated as indicated in 6.  1.8 This standard does not cover products intended to transport persons.

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