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UL 962 Ed. 5-2022

Household and Commercial Furnishings

1.1 These requirements cover:  a) Motor-operated furniture, such as motor-operated beds, chairs, audio/video motorized carts/stands and blood donor chairs as well as the motorized drives for these units;  b) Electrified and non-electrified furniture;  c) Non-seasonal electrical decorations such as lava lamps and wave machines;  d) Home office furnishings, such as consoles, tables and desks;  e) Electrified building components, such as heated and electro-chromatic windows and illuminated mirror and bathroom cabinets;  f) Illuminated mirrors, which may include heaters and/or monitors;  g) Commercial tables, lab benches, and similar furnishings not provided with work surfaces, which includes secondary surfaces (shelves);  h) Commercial work surfaces, which include secondary surfaces (shelves) intended to be used with the furnishings covered in (g);  i) Massage tables and chairs;  j) Laboratory benches with and without sinks;  k) Enclosed rooms, such as booths and rooms with ceilings (these are not considered furnishings); and  l) Other similar miscellaneous furnishings intended for use in residential or commercial environments.  1.2 These requirements cover products rated 600 V ac or less.  1.3 A furnishing intended to support audio/video equipment shall be evaluated in accordance with one of the following:  a) If the audio/video support system is not motorized and an entertainment center, cart, or a stand and it is intended for support or attachment of audio/video equipment, UL 1678 applies;  b) If the audio/video support system is intended to be mounted to walls, ceilings or another part of a building structure as the primary support means (it is not touching the floor), UL 2442 applies.  c) If a cart, stand or support surface is supplied with the audio or video equipment by the manufacturer of the audio or video equipment, the requirements specified in UL 62368-1 applies;  d) Information technology and communications equipment cabinets, enclosure and rack systems are investigated to UL 62368-1;  e) For retail product displays and all other type of furnishings incorporating audio/video equipment to attract attention to the products for sale, this Standard applies.  1.4 These requirements do not cover products intended for patient care areas. Patient care area products utilized under the supervision of a health care professional are covered by UL 60601-1.  1.5 Motorized equipment used for massaging and exercising is covered under UL 1647.  1.6 Office furnishing systems (panel systems) are covered by UL 1286 and individual commercial office furnishings are covered by UL 2999.  1.7 Illuminated display cases, showcases and cabinets, such as jewelry display cases, used in commercial applications are covered by UL 65.  1.8 Advertising displays may also be covered by UL 48.  1.9 Self-contained, custom-built kiosks that provide information, ticket machines, electronic point-of-sale products, customer self-checkout stands, and business application products are covered by UL 2361.  1.10 These requirements do not cover portable luminaires. UL 153 covers portable luminaires.  1.11 A product that employs an electromagnetic interference filter shall also comply with UL 1283. A product that employs a transient voltage surge suppressor shall also comply with UL 1449. A furnishing that incorporates an antenna discharge unit or provides antenna connections to a television, a high-voltage video product, or antenna shall comply with the applicable requirements in UL 452 and UL 1492. A product that employs ground-fault protection shall comply with the requirements in UL 943.  1.12 Bunk bed structural requirements are covered by ASTM F1427. Any electrical components of bunk beds are required to comply with the applicable requirements of UL 962.  1.13 Toy chest structural requirements are covered by ASTM F963. Any electrical components of these products are required to comply with the applicable requirements of UL 962.  1.14 These requirements do not cover products that are specifically intended for infants or juveniles. Cribs are covered by Federal Register 16 CFR Parts 1219, 1220, and 1500.  1.15 Furnishings incorporating low pressure inflators are covered by UL 1450, and in addition shall comply with the applicable requirements of UL 962.  1.16 These requirements do not cover seasonal (holiday products) – A product painted in colors to suggest a holiday theme such as a snow covering, a figure in a holiday costume, or any decoration associated with a holiday or particular season of the year.  1.17 These requirements do not cover retail case goods or merchandise displays. These displays are covered by UL 970.

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