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ASTM E1605-04

Standard Terminology Relating to Lead in Buildings

1.1 This terminology standard covers definitions for the following:

1.1.1 Terms that are commonly used in the field of management of lead hazards in facilities;

1.1.2 Architectural terms, particularly those associated with older wood-frame buildings; and,

1.1.3 Specialized terms that may be encountered by users in reports and notices that are generated during lead hazard management activities.

1.2 This terminology standard is supplementary to Termninology E 631.

1.3 Definitions adopted or derived from other documents include the following:

1.3.1 Some of the definitions in this Standard are adopted as exact copies from other sources. The source is briefly identified at the right margin following the definition and fully identified in Section .

1.3.2 Some of the definitions in this terminology standard are adapted from other sources. Changes in these definitions were made only to clarify the meaning, to incorporate related terms that also are defined in this terminology standard, or to ensure that the revised definition is consistent with those for related terms. The source is briefly identified with the words "adapted" at the right margin following the definition, and is fully identified in Section .

1.4 Terms within the definitions that are shown in boldface are defined in this terminology standard.

1.5 This terminology standard excludes the following:

1.5.1 Terms with a common dictionary meaning, except in cases where there is a specialized definition within the field of lead hazard management.

1.5.2 Terms that are used only in individual ASTM standards in which they are defined adequately, whether formally or by the context in which they appear.

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