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Agricultural Machinery Standards

Agricultural Machinery Standards cover the internal mechanical workings, safety considerations and requirements, electronics, controls, and more for a variety of agricultural machines. As with most industries, safety is a key concern for both manufacturers and end-users, influencing everything from the initial design process to consumer usage and maintenance/repair lifecycle. Sprayers and soil working/mowing machines are featured prominently, and standards for other machinery and their components are included as well.

Safety Standards for Agricultural Machinery

Safety standards for agricultural machinery address a wide range of different types of machinery with the multi-part ISO 4254 series, with further information provided by other ISO standards. Most of the standards presented here are focused on individual agricultural machines, intended for use with more generalized standards such as ISO 4254-1, to provide a detailed look into the safety considerations of each piece of agricultural machinery.

Mechanical Standards for Agricultural Machinery

Mechanical Agricultural Machinery Standards, a series of ISO standards dealing with tractors and associated agricultural machinery, cover safety, mechanical specifications, and more. With a focus on stability, guard openings, drive shafts, and belts, these standards provide an important component of the overall standardization effort for agricultural machinery.

Soil Working and Mowing Standards for Agricultural Machinery

Soil Working and Mowing Standards for agricultural machinery deal with acceptance criteria for physical specifics and test methods. Rotary (disc and drum) and flail mowers are covered, as well as equipment used for sowing, planting, and otherwise working the soil.

Sprayer Standards for Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Spraying Standards, published by ISO, split their focus between inspections of sprayers in use and environmental requirements for sprayers. These further break down into general considerations, horizontal boom sprayers, sprayers for bush and tree crops, and fixed and semi-mobile sprayers.


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