Laser Standards

Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, also more commonly known as lasers, are used in many different fields, medical, welding and manufacturing, military, displays and more. There are many categories of laser standards that address lasers in these industries as well as others.

General Laser Standards

General Laser Standards cover a wide range of laser standards. Laser diffraction, test methods and performance evaluations are some of the standards in this section.

Lasers in Health Care

This category covers lasers used in the medical industry. Lasers used in healthcare include safe use of lasers, particular requirements, ophthalmics and other standards.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics standards are published by SAE, IEEE and others and cover a variety of topics relating to the testing and construction of fiber optics cables in a variety of different applications ranging from military and industrial use. IEC standards typically cover the performance and testing specifications that fiber optic cables need to pass, while IEEE standards cover topics related to specific types of cables.

Lasers in Manufacturing and Welding

Lasers are very commonly used in manufacturing processes and welding. These standards cover a wide range of topics in this industry including safety, testing and recommended practices.

Laser Safety

While lasers are incredibly helpful and versatile, it is important that safety measures are considered. Laser safety covers safety of lasers in different industries such as health care, military, manufacturing, educational intitutions, outdoors and more.

Lasers and Laser Related Equipment

This category has standards that relate to lasers and laser-related equipment. These series include a series of test methods when utilizing lasers.

Optics and Photonics

This section looks at lasers and laser-related equipment used in optics and photonics. Included are field and laboratory procedures, minimum requirements and more.