Whether you work with hydro, wind, thermal, or alternative power generation; power generators; low voltage or high voltage distribution; power distribution racks or cables; smart grid or ensuring workplace safety, the power industry has a strong focus on standardization and interoperability. This list on Fans includes standards from ISO, IEC, IEEE, and others.

AMCA 801-01 (R2008)

Industrial Process/Power Generation Fans: Specification Guidelines

The purpose of this publication is to familiarize the reader with the practices fan manufacturers follow in the specification of fan equipment, and to provide application information.

AMCA 803-02 (R2008)

Industrial Process/Power Generation Fans: Site Performance Test Standard

This standard establishes uniform methods to be used in measuring the aerodynamic performance of industrial process or power generation fans under actual operating conditions on the site. The standard also defines rules for converting the measured performance to other specified operating conditions