Workplace Surfaces Safety

Workplace surfaces standards are published by the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP). You can purchase these standards as a package or individually as instantly delivered PDF files. Many of the topics address safety requirements for walking surface safety, and the necessary guardrails and support mechanisms to ensure accessibility and safety regardless of physical ability. Workplace surfaces standards also address the texture and material of standards to prevent slipping.

ANSI/ASSE A1264. Safety for Workplace Surfaces Package

ANSI/ASSE A1264.1 and ANSI/ASSE A1264.2 Workplace Safety Requirements for Walking/Workplace Surfaces

The ANSI/ASSE A1264 - Safety for Workplace Surfaces Package sets provisions for establishing safe walking and working environments. It addresses floor surface characteristics, footwear traction properties, environmental factors and falling objects that may contribute to an unsafe workplace environment. This package includes ANSI/ASSE A1264.1-2017 and ANSI/ASSP A1264.2-2022.

ANSI/ASSE A1264.1-2017

Safety Requirements for Workplace Walking/Working Surfaces and Their Access; Workplace, Floor, Wall and Roof Openings; Stairs and Guardrail/Handrail Systems

This standard sets forth safety requirements in industrial and workplace situations for protecting persons in areas/places where danger exists of persons or objects falling from elevated walking and work surfaces such as floor, roof or wall openings, platforms, runways, ramps, fixed stairs or roofs in normal, temporary and emergency conditions.

ANSI/ASSE A1264-2-2012

Provision of Slip Resistance on Walking/Working Surfaces

This standard sets forth provisions for protecting persons where there is potential for slips and falls as a result of surface characteristics or conditions.

ANSI/ASSE TR-A1264.3-2007

Technical Report: Using Variable Angle Tribometers (VAT) for Measurement of the Slip Resistance of Walkway Surfaces

This technical report discusses the technical aspects, research, legislation, standards activities, and operation of the widely-used Variable Angle Tribometers (VATs) commercially available for testing of walkway surface slip resistance: The Brungraber Mark II/III and the English XL