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Sustainable Standards

Sustainability is becoming ever more imperative for our world. Sustainability is not only in the energy that can be produced through wind, solar and other methods, but also in the materials chosen for products and creating sustainable businesses. This category covers many facets of sustainability that will help get to a greener future.

General Sustainability

General sustainability addresses not only sustainability in standards, but covers areas such as water, transit and lighting. This category covers many topics of where sustainability can be addressed.

Household Sustainability

Household Sustainability specifically talks about places that sustainability can reach in the home. Laundry and other appliances are some of the topics that these standards address.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management is always a topic thought about when thinking about sustainability. This category addresses sustainbilty in forest management as well as cocoa sustainability.


From tractors to the land itself, this category covers standards relating to sustainable agriculture.


Sustainability in buildings and cities is an ever growing industry. These standards covers sustainable buildings as well as how to help transform a city into a greener one.


While construction creates, it also uses a lot of materials and resources. This category addresses sustainability in constuction as well as civil engineering.


Material standards addresses floor coverings as well as water contact products and other items. Most of these standards talk about sustainability assessments of these materials.

Industries and Business

Industries and Business covers sustainability in professional services as well as going into the manufacturing of products.

Environmentally Sustainable Meetings and Events

This category addresses how to be sustainable for meetings and events as well as conferences and trade shows. From the marketing to the food and beverages served at these events, these standards will help to make them as sustainable as possible.


As the voice of the U.S. standards and conformity assessment system, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) empowers its members and constituents to strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy while helping to assure the safety and health of consumers and the protection of the environment.