ANSI X9.80:2005

Prime Number Generation, Primality Testing, and Primality Certificates

In the current state of the art in public key cryptography, all methods require, in one way or another, the use of prime numbers as parameters to the various algorithms. This document presents a set of accepted techniques for generating primes. It is intended that ASC X9 standards that require the use of primes will refer to this document, rather than trying to define these techniques on a case-by-case basis. Standards, as they exist today, may differ in the methods they use for parameter generation from those specified in this document. It is anticipated that as each existing ASC X9 standard comes up for its 5-year review, it will be modified to reference this document instead of specifying its own techniques for generating primes. This standard defines methods for generating large prime numbers as needed by public key cryptographic algorithms. It also provides testing methods for testing candidate primes presented by a third party. This standard allows primes to be generated either deterministically or probabilistically, where: - A number shall be accepted as prime when a probabilistic algorithm that declares it to be prime is in error with probability less than 2–100. - A deterministic prime shall be generated using a method that guarantees that it is prime. In addition to algorithms for generating primes, this standard also presents primality certificates for some of the algorithms where it is feasible to do so. The syntax for such certificates is beyond the scope of this document. Primality certificates are never required by this standard. Primality certificates are not needed when a prime is generated and kept in a secure environment that is managed by the party that generated the prime.

Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ascx9]

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