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ASME TDP-1-2013

Prevention of Water Damage to Steam Turbines Used for Electric Power Generation: Fossil-Fueled Plants

ASME's TDP-1 Standard provides recommended practices for the prevention of water damage to steam turbines used in fossil-fuel-fired electrical power generation. These practices address damage due to water, wet steam, and steam backflow into a steam turbine and are applicable to conventional steam cycle, combined cycle and cogeneration plants. They cover design, operation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of those aspects of the following power plant systems and equipment concerned with preventing the induction of water into steam turbines and associated systems and equipment: motive steam systems; steam attemperation systems; turbine extraction/ admission systems; feedwater heaters; turbine drain systems; turbine steam seal systems; start-up systems; condenser steam and water dumps; steam generator sources. Any connection to the turbine is a potential source of water either by induction from external equipment or by accumulation of condensed steam. The sources treated herein specifically are those found to be most frequently involved in causing damage to turbines. Although water induction into the high and intermediate pressure turbines have historically been recognized as the most damaging, experience has shown that water induction in low pressure turbines can cause significant damage.

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