ANSI N14.1-2019

Nuclear Materials - Uranium Hexafluoride - Packagings for Transport

This standard provides criteria for packagings used for transport of uranium hexafluoride (UF6). It includes specific information on design and fabrication requirements for the procurement of new UF6 packagings for transportation of 0.2205 lb (0.1 kg) or more of UF6. This standard also defines the requirements for in-service inspections, cleanliness, and maintenance for packagings in service. Packagings currently in service and not specifically defined in this standard are acceptable for use, provided that they are used within their original design limitations and are inspected, tested, and maintained so as to comply with the intent of this standard. Also included are cylinder loadings, shipping requirements, and requirements for valves, plugs, and valve protectors. Imperial units shown in this standard may be converted to metric units and rounded when not in conflict with the functional specification.

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